Ever wondered what it takes to look good on search engines like Google? We know exactly how to make your search result stand out with the right title and the right summary. In tech-speak, we call this adding a "meta title" and "meta description" to pages on your website. You don't have to worry about the fancy name, but just understand that we can definitely improve the way your search result looks for people on Google!

A meta title and meta description need to be manually entered for every page on your website. However, most SEO professionals or web designers don't take the time needed to add these essential tags to CVB or hotel websites! The result: a title or description on your search result that is cut off and looks very poor aesthetically.

Don't spend money on web design or SEO that doesn't include meta title and description entry and meta-tagging. We provide this service with our SEO or website design packages for CVBs and hotels.

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